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About Us

My love for the outdoors and decorating has created a new passion called Rustic Retreats.  We like the presentation of a relaxing, woodsy, nature-like setting.

I came to Grafton because I love the little river town.  I started with one renovation, the Rustic Red.  After that, I couldn’t stop.  Next was Pebble Creek, then the Gold Bar and Gold Digger came later. We decided that we needed to be different.  My love for farming and hunting brought me to these types of design; places to kick back, be calm and stay happy.  All Grafton guest houses are within walking distance to our Gold Bar and many other local businesses.

And by the way, for larger groups, family reunions, or large parties, I’ve places in Golden Eagle, the Poolside Mansion, and Hardin, the Rustic Riverside.

I’m working on offering four other properties in Grafton, all within walking distance to Gold Bar and unique shops and restaurants, Rustic Main, Bobby G’s, Moonshiner, Rustic Hilltop and Gold Nugget.

On behalf of my daughter and myself, I invite you to let us pamper you at Rustic Retreats.


Sherrie Heaton
Rustic Retreats, LLC